Creation of Artist Manifesto


Artist Manifesto

Art is a journey, it’s a real bumpy ride
where creation, ambition and dreams all collide.
No rules can direct the path that you travel.
As structures, and order, and systems unravel.

Your brushes, your pencils, your clay and your ink.
will realize new worlds as they all inter-link.
There’s nothing your canvas ought be or not be.
it’s the materialization of what only you see.

Art is a challenge. Your tool to ignite
a spark in the world that flares into light,
which flickers and shimmers and breaks down the forms
of all that constrains you from shunning the norms.

Don’t care for the bland,the stale and the old.
There’s new things to be said, new tales to be told.
Push past the boundaries, be larger than life
let the visions inside lift you out of the strife.

The message is simple. Its deep and profound.
Be true to yourself and the life that you’ve found.
You are the one who dictates the game.
Express what you feel with no fear or shame.

So pick up your brush and allow it to fly
dancing with colors, lifting you high.
Creating a world that’s of your own making
The impact of which can be truly earth-shaking.

But never forget you’re allowed to be dippy
and silly, and pointless, and needlessly trippy.
Allow the Cord-Wangles and Scritch-Razzle Bird
Some space in your brain…(no more than a third)

Your art is a talent with which you’ve been blessed.
You’re a force, dearest painter, that’s never at rest.

So, continue this ride wherever it goes
Let it take you to places that no-one yet knows.
And never forget in all that you do.
The magic and power that lies within you.

In the tone of an artist manifesto (see Manifesto of Futurism in Wikipedia as an example). A call to action with opinions type speech using the artists opinions as source.

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